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Leadership and Culture

Edgar Schein, the dean of writers on the subject of organizational culture has said:

“(The) dynamic processes of culture creation and management are the essence of leadership and make one realize that leadership and culture are two sides of the same coin.1

Leadership and organizational culture are intertwined and interdependent. An analysis of one without the other can provide a lopsided perspective. Whether your goal is to take your organization to the next level or just get an understanding of its current state, AirCompRX™ can help.

As a result of his leadership experience and the extensive research involved in writing his ground-breaking work, Business Aviation Leadership: From the Traits to the Trenches, Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM has developed an in depth understanding of the culture in aviation organizations. He has built a methodology to assess the culture of those organizations and evaluate the manifestations of traits by leaders using personal interviews and survey tools. Once the data is collected and analyzed, we provide recommendations to leaders about how improve their leadership styles, making for better culture and happier and more efficient employees.

Our service includes a slide deck and conference call presentation of the material. Options include personal presentations to executive personnel.

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1 (Schein, E. (2010). Organizational Culture and Leadership, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, p. 1).